Our product lines

Advanced CNC technology, high-efficiency,
stable and energy-saving power solutions

Our main products are: Servo motor, servo driver, motion controller and Industrial IOT products and services. Our servo motor covers 0.5-300KW with torque ranging from 2Nm to 30000Nm, providing various cooling methods, such as natural cooling, forced air cooling and liquid cooling. The servo driver covers 5.5-200KW, with air cooling and hydraulic cooling provided, and supports ModBUS485, CANopen, EthernetCAT and other industrial fieldbus.

The product line of motion controller, cooperating with the servo system, can supports the industry system solution, provide high precision and electric-hydraulic servo control, small and medium hydraulic press control system, servo press control system and other industry solutions. The product line of industrial IOT will help the customers to effectively inspect and manage the factory’s energy consumption, and provide OEM equipment manufacturers with remote debugging, remote monitoring, remote management and other functions of the equipment master controller and servo system based on the user’s private cloud platform.

Servo motor series

HP1 Series

HP2 Series

HS Series

HK Series

Servo driver series

Hi-2# Series

Hi-3# Series

Hi-5# Series

Hi-6# Series

Hi-U Series

Motion controller series

H5 Series

HiC2000 Series

HiC3000 Series

PAC8000 Series

Industrial IOT


Energy Visualization System

Equipment Cloud Data Center