• Support multiple protocols
  • Optional net access ways
  • Local minimalist configuration
  • Support edge computing
  • Support secondary development
  • Can access to the third party

Data transfer——HT-DTU

HT-DTU (Hilectro Data Transfer Unit) is a device designed by Haitian Drive System Co. Ltd. for IOT terminal data collection, processing and uploading. The product hardware includes such industrial communication ports as RS485/RS232/CAN/Ethernet, and can upload the terminal data through Ethernet, 2G or wifi.

Based on the prior generation, the new generation of HT-DTU newly adds the GPS module, 4 circuits I0 output and 4 circuits I0 input, and also an USB port for the connection with the new upper computer debugging software to implement real-time monitoring to the data.


RS485 interface
Standard with
isolation *1

RS232 interface


CAN interface

With isolation*1

Network interface


USB interface


I0 input/output interface
Photoelectric isolation*4
/photoelectric isolation


Acquire Microsoft cloud IOT device certification

With high-quality experience; seamless integration with Azure tech and /or platform by test; being provided and managed by the global reliable partner.

Intelligent terminal data acquisition

Compared with the DTU with VOIP function supported only in the market, HT-DTU has internally installed Modbus-RTU, ModbusTCP, CANOpen and other industrial communication protocols. As long as the user simply configures the HT-DTU through software configuration for the data to be acquired, the HT-DTU device can intelligently acquire the data of terminal equipment. .

Common way of data uploading

The HT-DTU has internally installed the common used MQTT communication protocol for IOT at present, and supports light level data exchange format JSON to easily connect the terminal data to the data cloud platform.

Data edge computing capacity

HT-DUT has a certain data edge computing capacity, which can process and analyze the acquired terminal data, and then upload the computed data to the server, greatly relieving the pressure brought by network communication and server computation.

Remote parameter configuration and control of terminal equipment

HT-DTU supports parameter modification of the receiving server, or can control the command and then issue it to the terminal equipment. The communication process of data issuing supports AES encryption, which, to a certain extent, ensures the security of communication and equipment control.

Whole set of data acquisition scheme support

From the hardware HT-DTU to Haitian Drive System Cloud Platform, we will provide you the whole set of solution support, which includes terminal data acquisition, data computing of cloud platform, data displaying on webpage, etc. It can be used in many operation, such as data monitoring and remote debugging of all kinds of industrial control equipment , power data acquisition of power system, etc.

Convenient and diversified configuration and management methods

HT-DTU supports configuration and management tools of PC, supports device configuration and management of webpage, and supports the remote online updating of the firmware, which simplifies the difficulty of on-site construction and later maintenance, reduces the overall cost of system operation, and enables customers to truly experience the convenience brought by IOT.