energy visualization system

  • Real-time working status analysis
  • Threshold alarm mechanism
  • Diversified statistical reports
  • Multidimensional statistics of energy consumption
  • Multiple terminal monitoring

Energy saving is the future

Hi equipment energy management system is a set of intelligent distribution, operational inspection and monitoring system developed by our company to closely grasp the needs of power system users and follow the standard specifications of the power system. It has characteristics of high expertise, high degree of automation degree, easy to use, high performance, high reliability, etc. Via remote monitoring and control, it can adjust the load reasonably, achieve optimizing operation, save the power energy effectively, and record the electricity used in peak and low ebb, so as to provide necessary conditions for the energy management.

Hi equipment energy management system is playing an important role in fields of press machines, air compressors, monitor devices of distributed energy consumption equipment, etc.


Statistical cycle

30 s

Basic report
contrast ratio/ month-on-month ratio/ year-on-year ratio

Statistical method
Group / Workshop statistics/
Global / Branch statistics

Sampling precision



Details of equipment power consumption

Comprehensively reflect the equipment running status and historical information.

Online time sequence

Completely check the equipment time milestones of turn-on and turn-off and running time.

Data RT sampling

Completely check the detailed work process and state quantity of the equipment.


Set in-time warning according to the threshold of equipment parameters.