About Us


Haitian Drive specializes in manufacturing servo systems, and to provide customers with efficient and stable energy saving power solutions. At present, the company’s high power servo system annual output of more than 80,000 sets. By the end of 2019, the total supply exceeded 600,000 units.


The size of servo drive produced by the company covers 5.5K W-315KW, the rated power of ac permanent magnet servo motor is from 0.4KW-300KW, the rated torque is from 2.2nm-20000nm, and the rated speed is from 10Rm-15000rpm. At present, the servo system has been widely used in injection molding, die casting, aluminum extrusion, oil pressure and other fields.

High quality R&D team

The R&D team of Ningbo Ansion CNC Technique Co., Ltd is composed of home-returned doctors, masters and other professional talents. The performance of our products keeps the leading position in the industry. We also provide high-performance customized products and services for different industries based on different industry needs.


It has provided more than 400,000 sets of high-power servo systems for the market.


HP1 motor was successfully developed


There are three kinds of cooling methods for option, including natural cooling, air cooling and liquid cooling, and many types, including HP113-A, HP118-A, HP118-F, HP125-F, HP118-W, HP125-W, HP130-W and HP145-W. It has put into the market, and gained a good response.

The super-power 200kw-315kw Hi series servo driver independently researched and developed by Haitian Drive System was successfully developed and sold.


Haitian Drive System held the Ansion CNC new products release conference, officially launching HP1 transverse embedded motor and the assorted Hi driver.


The 5.5kw-200kw Hi series servo driver independently researched and developed by Haitian Drive System was largely produced and sold


Hi series driver supports Ethernet bus communication; the J6 motion control card jointly developed by Driver Tech Department and CNC Business Department was successfully researched and developed, which achieved the Ethernet bus communication among the injection molding machine, J6 control card and driver. And therefrom, the servo control of injection molding machine came into digital time from analog quantity.

The new motor plant was put into production


The plant covers an area of 21,000 ㎡ and adopts advanced motor manufacturing technology in China. The motor production capacity is up to 80,000 sets, and at present, the annual output is up to 60,000 sets, the number of workers is about 500.

Haitian Motor Functional Component Department was set up


Haitian Motor developed, designed and manufactured the double-shafts low-speed direct-driven AC servo motor.

Ningbo Haitian Motor Co., Ltd. was formally established


“Ningbo Haizhu Machinery Co., Ltd” of Haitian Motor was renamed as “ Ningbo Ansion CNC Technique Co., Ltd.”, and officially stared its business.

The third major business of Haitian Group — Haitian motor started up,Motor Business Department of Ningbo Haitian Group Co., Ltd. was established


Trial manufacturing of the 7.5kw1000rpm AC permanent magnet servo motor was completed, and the joint debugging in the electric preplastic mechanism was successful.